Who said Domino blogs were a niche?

Not long ago, I read a comment from somebody saying that there would never be more than a 100 or so Domino-based blogs. Who could that have been? Oh yeah, it was me. Well, that doesn't mean I don't support the movement. Whether it be people using my template or not it's good to see a wider audience for Domino. The trouble is that people are unlikely to choose Domino as there CMS unless they already have a predilection to do so.

When I had finished writing the code to incorporate the Blogger API with Domino I thought I would mail the creator of w.bloggar to let him know. Little did I know that he would be interested in adding Lotus Domino as one of the growing list of supported CMSs. So, as of Yesterday's release of w.bloggar 3.0.2, it now supports the use of Lotus Domino.

wbloggar 302

Maybe this could be the start of something big? Maybe a growth in Domino Blogging interest? Either way it's nice to see Domino out there in the wider world ;o)

In an act of solidarity I wrote to Declan Lynch of the BlogSphere project and offered him the code for use within his database. He accepted.

John Marshall has been another to join the cause. As a budding Java programmer he took my code, which was obviously novice-level, and has made it look a whole lot more professional. This is what will become the final Domino Blogger API and be released in DomBlog v1.6 and hopefully the next release of BlogSphere. Thank you John!

In the meantime the "homepage" of the Domino Blogger API points to the DomBlog Template. This is a temporary measure and doesn't mean I am trying to attract users to my template. On the contrary, I would probably suggest people use a template like BlogSphere, where they are more likely to see bug fixes and enhancements from a team with the time to devote to it.


  1. Hello Jake seems still another error there with undertakes titles to be! The title is not taken over.

    • avatar
    • Jake
    • Tue 24 Jun 2003 15:29

    Wooops. If I understand your problem correctly it is that I forgot to mention an important change.

    Instead of using <$title$> and </$title$> as the delimiters in the Java code we now use <title> and </title>.

    The Java agent needs editing. I will do that now in the copy online and edit the article....

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