DomBlog v1.5 With XML-RPC Support

Excitement has gotten the better of me and I've released v1.5 of the DomBlog template. There may well be a few glitches in it but at least you can help me find them.

Are you thinking "I'm not a blogger why do I care?". Well, it incorporates the XML-RPC code I've been talking about. Even if you have no intention of becoming a blogger it's worth getting a copy of the template and a copy of w.bloggar. Tomorrow I will write an article describing how to use them together and the significance of the methods should become obvious.

You may be wondering why, after almost half a year, I've made these changes. Let me just point out that is has nothing to do with anything else that may be going on in the Domino blog template world. I do it for two reasons - as a service to those currently using the template and in the hope that non-bloggers can still benefit from the ideas. Best wishes to Domino bloggers of all creeds. Whether there be a "war" on or not I have no part in it.


  1. Thank you Jake for posting this code. I will test it and send you feedback if any. So far, it looks great. I like the concept a lot and all the possibilities.

  2. I don't think anyone will be "warring" (sp?) with you anytime soon, the last person to do that {Link} hasn't blogged in 3+ months!

    I know *I* wouldn't want to be on the other side of a "war" that ends like that! :-D


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    • Jake Howlett
    • Sat 6 Sep 2003 16:04

    Don't think you can really call it a war when only one person is calling the shots. Anthony had a chip on his shoulder about something and insisted on making it public. His main argument being that my blog template's name was too similar to his own. That and the fact that I didn't use my own template to blog with. Two very weak arguments in the first place.

    You have to admire the balls of a man who can use another person's code in his own work before going on to claim it to be better than that person's.

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    • Mark Barton
    • Tue 10 Jun 2003 05:43


    Thanks for this. I think I must of managed to read your article before you took it back off line. I was looking to allow multiple w.blogger clients to add to the blog and therefore append the username to the end of the blog body.

    Do you forsee any problems except for having to change the checkAuthenticated method to allow for mutiple users ?

    No chance of running an FTP server on your Notes server then (for the images)? You could then extract the IMG tags out of the blog body and then either attach them as files to documents or use something like {Link} to attach them as image resources.

    • avatar
    • Jake
    • Mon 6 Oct 2003 05:50


    Good points. The autentication method is less than desirable and I've been thinking of ways to improve it. One way is to add multiple usernames and passwords, as you mentioned. Shouldn't be too hard.

    You can FTP to the Domino server if you like but I'd rather keep all the "data" in the database and consistent with the rest of the template where I add images in "Resource" document.

    Thanks for the feedback!! Will try and get multiple users supported some time today and release a v1.5.1 with some other bug fixes...

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    • Jake
    • Mon 6 Oct 2003 05:59

    Aha, I just worked out what you meant by "taking it offline" Mark. I didn't. It's still there in the Recent Articles list. It's just that I am incorporating the link in to the blog I am writing at the moment.

  3. Hello I finds the Tool genuine to super. Unfortunately I receive the following error message

    java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: "10.06.2003 17:17:30"

    The Blog title we also not taken over: - (

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    • Jake
    • Mon 6 Oct 2003 10:31

    Christopher. That sounds strange. I am guessing it has something to do with the date format being

    10.6.2003 rather than 10/06/2003. IS that a German thing?

    I will investigate and see what I find - with a bug fix if it needs it.

  4. Hello Jake I uses the Client and server in Englich as operating system XP German. Is it vielleich because of it?

    SimpleDateFormat sdfOutput = new SimpleDateFormat ( "dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm" );

    Otherwise everything functions. Except that work on existing Blogs.

  5. I receive the message only if I the Post's Button press.

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    • Jake
    • Mon 6 Oct 2003 13:39

    Woops, I forgot about that line of code. maybe change it to:

    new SimpleDateFormat ( "dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm" );

    and see what happens. Thinking about it I need to change this anyway. American will have it as MM/dd and who knows what other geographic alternatives exist. In fact I'm not even sure I understand the SimpleDateFormat class at all! Need to do some investigatory work me thinks...

    Should probably work

  6. Super it functions now: -)

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