Getting Close to DomBlog v1.5

When I spoke about the DomBlog API the other day I said that I couldn't promise sharing anything with you any time soon. Partly this was me covering my own back but, at the time, I didn't realise I would get so excited at the prospect that I would spend the next few days beavering away over the code. Four days later and I am writing this post in w.bloggar. Not only am I writing it, I am soon going to press the Publish button and sit back, safe in the knowledge that what I've just written is now a part of my blog.

Not only can I add new posts (that have been spell-checked and previewed) but I can also download a set of the most recent posts and edit and delete them at will. No need to login to Notes or a Domino session. In fact I don't even need to know that I am using Notes. Just launch w.bloggar (or any of the host of similar applications available) and I'm off.

Once my beta tester, Ferdy, and I are happy with the code I will release v1.5 of the DomBlog template. That's not to say that all Domino bloggers won't be able to use it though. Just change some field and view names in the Java agent and it should work for us all.


  1. Jake, You're an animal! Looking forward to v1.5


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    • Rob McDonagh
    • Sat 6 Sep 2003 08:25

    Jake, that absolutely ROCKS!

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