Booked in for Domino Upgrade Exam

Yesterday, despite having only used Domino 6 proper for about a week or so, I booked my upgrade exam.

Having heard it's actually a complete doddle I'm not too worried about it. Even though I don't actually sit it until the 27th of June. However, any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Anybody out there sat it already? What was it like? Share with us all if you will.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is whether I think the certification is worth it. Is it? I don't know. Probably just as good to have it as it is bad not to have it.

If I don't feel confident nearer the date I might even splash out on a copy of the practice test from CertFX. That is unless I get a free copy in return for this plug...


  1. I did the 601 R6 upgrade exam and it was fairly easy & the practice tests make it really easy (i think i had already seen +80% of the questions in the practice software) check out: www.selftestsoftware.com

    Majority of questions are on new @formula/@commands, the changes to the IDE (Third party tools/attach CSS's, et al files attached as design elements) and the colour/icon changes in the views / client ability to render HTML.

    Other questions on colour coding emails (ohh woopie doo) and server settings to affect HTTP headers/ URLsubsitutions/ redirects...

    Although glad to have done the upgrade I can't help but think they should have made it a bit harder to improve the the perception of the CLP cert.

  2. Can't do more than agree with everything Fletcher said, I would estimate about 15% of the questions are more on the Interface changes than on the programming itself. I found the "easy" interface questions extremely hard whilst the "hard" programming questions, which I had revised for somewhat easier. Agents and their security is another area I would look at came up with 3 or 4 questions on that. Anyway best of luck.

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    • Ben Dubuc
    • Wed 28 May 2003 10:13

    Well, I'm planning my update exam next week. I haven't played with R6 at all but my company bought the TLCC R6 development update course (which is very good) and it came with a copy of the SelfTest Software practice test.

    After going through the TLCC course, I went on to try a first test exam and got 80%. I'll study a bit more, but that should be it.

    The practice test focuses on the new features of R6 and where they are located (how to color-code your emails, custom twisties: column or view property?, ...).

    As for the woth of certification, I know it helped me while I was a freelancer. See it as a marketing tool more than a proof of your talent, but I have seen cases where 2 resumes where alike, and the CLP got the mandate over the non CLP.

    If it's as easy as the R5 update, you can sleep on your 2 ears. I'll let you know how my exam went as soon as it's done.


  3. I found the upgrade exam pretty easy... All I did was toy with the new client, read the r6 release notes, and fiddle with a practice test from www.selftestsoftware.com

  4. Probably it's the practice test, that does the trick.

    Unfortunately I faild to do that, just listened to a "what's new" presentation from IBM (on the same day I took the exam :-)) and played around a little with R6 before. So, for me those stupid "where is this button located"-type questions were pretty tough.

    But that was 6 months ago and I must admit that right now I love the new features. Looks like I'm the only one, though.

  5. I did the test in November and did quite well -- thanks to the practice test from SelfTestSoftware. I loaded ND6, fired up the test, and started building a little test db with whatever feature was new to me as I'd hit it in the practice test. My usual way to prep for any Lotus cert test is to schedule the test for one month from the present date, then spend an hour a day with a practice test, redbook/manual/online help, and a practice database. This routine's worked well for 8 Lotus tests so far. Can't stress enough the value of cranking through the practice test until one is consistently getting 100% and understanding the answers. You'll have no problem.

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    • John
    • Thu 29 May 2003 04:31

    slightly off-subject here but has anyone found any good Websphere CBTs / practice tests out there ? There seems to be a distinct lack of training on the subject unless you go to IBM.

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    • Ted
    • Thu 29 May 2003 14:35

    I took the 601 and 602 tests earlier in the month and used the CertFX selftest and both were very helpful.

    I'm an admin guy and still did very well on the 601 test with a little help from the CertFX test. Its worth using any selftest just to see what the questions look like and get an idea of what's on the test.

  6. Certifications... if we know it's fairly easy to acquire a cert, and that the test often contains those 'stupid where's the button' questions, then do we really believe, ourselves, that the certification has value? I have a hard time convincing myself.

    The point is well taken, however, that the resume 'with' looks better than without. Sad statement though. I guess employers look at certs like men look at makeup on women... ;-) It's the effort to look attractive that is appreciated. (better duck and run before I catch a shoe in my rear)

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    • Kevin
    • Thu 29 May 2003 16:55

    In reply to John, I believe TLCC have Websphere self-teach courses. Not sure which version of Websphere though.

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    • Chris Harvey
    • Thu 29 May 2003 22:10

    Jerry - I don't think you need to duck and run, I hope you don't get 'nasty' remarks; however, I do disagree with your assumptions.

    I read through the same posts and recognize some of the names. I assume that these guys are at the top of their game when it comes to Notes. That they are NOT saying just anyone can crank through some selftest and then pass the exam; but that if you know R5 cold and spend some time focused on what has changed then there's no need to be worried.

    There will always be 'paper certs' who pass exams but can't code their way out of a paper bag. There will also be gurus who don't have any cert letters behind their name; but neither of those truths make certification valueless.

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    • Mark
    • Mon 2 Jun 2003 07:43

    I passed the upgrade exam spending a weekend with the selftest software scoring >80 percent. My opinion about certification: If you have a cert you should know what you can do basically with the software. What you really are able to do you have to prove by some reference projects anyway. So it's not so bad to have an easy upgrade exam from my side...

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    • Ron
    • Thu 6 Feb 2003 12:25

    I definitely agree that a cert can give you an advantage in the market. In determining how easy it is to become certified, I think you need to look at both processes, 3 exam CLP or release upgrade CLP. At some point, all CLP's passed 3 exams on 1 release. These 3 exams are much more intense than any recert exam and would be very difficult to pass without hands on experience. So, being a CLP is not easy, but passing the upgrade is easier, since you only need to focus on the new features. You proved you knew the product when you earned your CLP, so Lotus won't ask you the basic questions again.

    As for test exams, CertFX is awesome. It covers the materials well, has links to support information and phrases the questions the same way Lotus does on the exam.

  7. I would like to do the CLP R6 (Developer) update exam. Could you pls send me some important links that would help me to go through. And pls be kind enough to tell me which practice test to follow/buy ...which would be much useful!

    And also if there are any free sample questions pls post the links to me!

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    • Satya
    • Thu 26 Feb 2004 11:55

    I want to take up the Upgrade exam of R6. Any websites that will help me get more details on the website and sample question papers? Appreciate any response in this regard. Thanks !!

  8. I am planning to give Lotus notes upgrade exam. R-602. Can you please assist me with the questions that were asked.

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