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Something I've been planning on doing for a while now is compile a list of the people using the DomBlog template. Here are those I know of so far:

  • Rob Wunderlich - A resource for people trying to connect Domino databases to any of the various "alternate" clients - PDAs, cell phones, etc.
  • Ferdy Christant - "What am I going to blog about? Um, good question. Probably a mixture of Notes/Domino and related technologies, silly stuff that happen to me and things I find interesting."
  • Bruce Elgort - Blog by one of the founding members of the OpenNTF.org movement.
  • Warren Elsmore - Local lad whose girlfriend works in my home town of Mansfield. Small world. Blogs about his job as "Champion of Technology" and some life thrown in to boot.
  • Chris King - A bit of Domino, a bif or life and a lot of music. What a mix. Chris has also added my QuickBlogs feature to the Domino template. Nice work.
  • Rip Rowan - Very political. I think I will leave at that. I don't do politics.
  • Gerard Meijssen - I have no idea.

Good work soldiers. Anybody know of any others? Let us know...

Talking of small world scenarios. On Wednesday I went out for a friend's leaving do. A mutual friend's friend had brought the new lady in his life. I got called over when they realised she was also from Mansfield. The conversation went something like:

Him: Jake, she's from Mansfield!
Me (to her): Really, which part?
Her: Woodhouse.
Me: Did you go to Manor?
Her: Yeah.
Me: Did you have Mrs Howlett for art class?
Her: Yeah.
Me: That's my mum that is!
Her: No way.
Me: Yeah way.


  1. Thanks for posting the Link.

    The DominoUnplugged site is using the DomBlog template virtually untouched (hey, when it ain't broke ...).

    Thanks for sharing your efforts, and thanks again for posting the link.

    - Rob

  2. Tony Kelleran > {Link} also uses your template.

  3. Oh dear! Now I feel guilty for considering jumping ship to Blogsphere. Fear not though, I'm staying put. It's good - but not that good ;-)

    Thanks for the link, too

  4. I am jumping ship on my DomBlog template. :-(. I don't want to but I need some more features that I just don't have the time to develop. I even sent Jake a donation ;-). I am also going to have my team here at Sharp start work blogging with Blogsphere.

    Have a great weekend everybody.


    • avatar
    • Jake
    • Fri 25 Apr 2003 11:47

    Guys, obviously you can use what you like and I won't take offence. I don't pretend that DomBlog is anything but a simple template that I don't have the time to add new features too. With my templates I like to think they are more of a how-to than an actual out-the-box solution.

    Thanks for the donation Bruce. Appreciated.

  5. I use it, but maybe it doesn't count for your stats, since it's "For personal use" only....It's my journal, and I've recently posted an image here. "{Link}

  6. I'm sticking with you Jake, i really like the template and it has enough bare-skin features for me. Thanks again for letting us use it.

    Btw, where's those R6 articles huh? hehe j/k

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    • Chris King
    • Fri 25 Apr 2003 13:11

    Thanks for the link. I've learned a lot by disecting the template. I've got big plans for additions to the site, but who knows when I'll find the time.

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    • Ferdy Christant
    • Fri 25 Apr 2003 13:33

    Jake, btw....Gerard Meijssen blogs about Domino on Linux. He also seems to know a lot about other enterprise systems like LDAP, Websphere, etc. Too bad for you guys it's in Dutch ;) Evil grin...

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    • Dan Hughes
    • Mon 28 Apr 2003 11:11

    Chris Willis is also using the template at www.media1.us/domblog.nsf for elearning related bits to compliment our website. I just added a view and a form for administering it through the notes client. We are pleased with the results.

    Hey I remember Rob from some of my clp classes a few years ago, very fun teacher.

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