Shoes At The Design Museum

ShoesHow to impress the lady in your life. Take her to London's Design Museum. Pretend that it's because you know she'd love to look at the hundreds of shoes in the Manalo Blahnik (famous shoe designer apparently) exhibition. We all know girls loves shoes after all! What you don't tell her is that you happen to know there's the Designer of The Year competition on the floor above. One of the four contenders happens to be Jonathan Ive. Saviour of the Mac. On display is the whole range of Macs, from the Cube to the 17" laptop (definitely too big!) to the immaculately designed power adaptors, complete with life biography and thought processes involved. Worth a visit for any Mac lovers out there. You get to vote for the best before you leave. Needless to say, he got both our votes, even if Karen was still downstairs fantasising over high heels at this point.

The shoe exhibit runs until the middle of May and the competition until late June. So there's still a few weeks left to impress your loved one. Maybe even a nice day out for a first date.


  1. Hey Jake,

    You *do* know that you can vote online for him right? I voted for him because, despite myself, I do like the look of Macs ;-)

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Written by Jake Howlett on Fri 18 Apr 2003

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