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How would you go about measuring the success of a blog? Number of visitors maybe. Number of comments left. Number of "pingbacks". Maybe so, but howabout if a fellow respected Domino blogger devotes a whole blog simply to say thanks. This is what Julian did on Friday and this post is my way of returning thanks and covering some of what he said. For instance:

..I know that blogging can be a lonely business, and with all of the other Domino blogs that have been popping up recently and only promoting the latest bloggers who are upcoming ... ..., I'm not sure that Jake is getting the credit he deserves.

I think I know where Julian's coming from. I do feel a little like the elder member of the family. Not cool anymore and only visited on holidays. Not that I mind this that much. I know my place and I know my readers. In the three years I've been running this site I've seen my inbox grow to +11,000 documents. Considering that most of these begin with some sort of thanks it's easy to see what fuels me. I've had all the credit I deserve and more.

...if you also think/realize that Jake has actually had a tremendous influence over the current exploding state of the online Domino community, you should just send him an e-mail and tell him so. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

He's right. I do appreciate receiving mail. Most of what I find of interest is second-hand. But I wouldn't want anybody to mail me out of a sense of duty. Mail me because you want to. And don't apologise becuase you think I already get lots of mail. Without a job there's not really much else to do ;o)

Back to Apple talk tomorrow...


  1. I think I've did this many times before, but thanks Jake, you do have that influence on the community. Maybe because recently you haven't been blogging about Domino makes people forget about how much you helped Domino developers. Kinda like Hollywood, you're only as good as your last movie. All I can say is that I don't agree, you already have my respect, no matter which direction you take with the site. I hope you can keep it up and team up with the other bloggers, because I dont think you should see them as competition.

  2. As my links say - number 1 superstar - never had reason to delete it!

    I used your site just today to save me a stack of work

  3. still the first place i go to on my daily trawl..you have saved me a heap of work in the past, if you ever get to australia i'll buy you a few beers :-)

  4. The fact that you could most likely go around the world on a compted bar tab should let you know the tremendous effect that you have on this community.

    Being that you are one of the elders... I'm starting to worry. "Not cool anymore and only visited on holidays" (Watch it gang, I think "gramps" here is losing it!)


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    • purple
    • Wed 4 Jun 2003 23:51

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Jake.

  5. Shall we start calling you Jacob the Elder? ;)

    Really, your site has made a big difference in the Domino community, especially to those of us who get tired of trolling all the newbie questions at LDD for some actual value. Your signal-to-noise ratio has always been high. Kudos and thanks to you!

  6. This is my first post so i'll introduce myself... I'm portuguese, and I work with Lotus Notes since 1997.

    I come to your site almost everyday, and I really enjoy reading you.

    But above all, I came here when I need knowledge to accomplish a more elaborate task... And today your article about sending HTML mail using Java, just saved my life! :-)

    Many thanks for running this site and congratulations for such a good work!

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    • Vitor
    • Fri 4 Jul 2003 11:50


    Glad to know there are some more Portuguese Domino developers out there.

    I don't know many of them.


    No need for you to measure codestore's success. It's a given fact.

    Even if you'd stop writing articles as of today people would still be reading the past ones for quite a while.

    keep up the good work

  7. Vitor,

    Where are you from? I'm from Porto, and I know a few notes developers up here (well, two are in Lisbon now, actually :-P).


  8. Jake,

    I'm sitting here at the front desk at my company being the one to press the button to let people in tonight. You see the DC Notes User group meets here and it's my turn to let people in the door. Not fun but someone has to do it. That all said, the first place I went to while sitting here was to your blog. When I want to learn something tonight that I can use the next day, I go to your site. Thanks.

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    • John Vaughan
    • Mon 14 Apr 2003 08:09


    A lot has been said about the high quality of the technical information on this site, I'll just say I've learned some good stuff here and I'm definitely appreciative of your work.

    I've been tuning in for quite some time, and probably the thing that influenced me the most from this site was watching you get excited about blogging. Its probably the reason I started a blog of my own, just seeing someone do it, well it looked like a lot of fun.

    I'd read other blogs, but your was always interesting and entertaining and had something to do with what I do every day.

    I've found the same with a lot of others since so many have begun blogging, pretty much all of them members of the Domino community. I don't know what it is about the Domino community. Most of the other blogs I've run into just aren't all that fun (to me anyway). At any rate, your link is still on my blogroll and will be for as long as the site is running.

    Thanks for the inspiration, because of you I've met a lot of really interesting people in this community.

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