The Appeal of the Apple

Cromarty's DesktopIf you have no interest in Apples you might want to look away now.

Using Cromarty during a flight this week I was aware of the lady sat next to me having a good old nosy at him. At first I thought she was reading my inbox and I couldn't help wondering what somebody would guess it was all about. However, when we landed and I put Cromarty away to get Bailey out, she admitted she was "double jealous now". Turns out she had come over from America and had chosen to leave behind her iPod. As I told her, I take him everywhere. And I do. How on earth did I manage without it... and what must she have thought about me assigning a gender to an MP3 player??

How jealous would she have been if I then put on one of these. Thanks to David Clark for the link.

When I bought the iBook last year I said I had no plans to switch from Windows and I still don't. Having said that, I do find myself turning to the Mac whenever I can. I could spend ages just sitting and looking at it, playing with the animated Dock icons.

Part of the appeal of the Mac is that it's still a new platform to me. Hence I can feed my hunger for knowledge whereas there's not much you can teach me about Windows. It also looks damn hot!

From the mail I've been receiving I am guessing there are others out there who are curious as well. That's why I'm going to talk about nothing but Apple for the next few days or so. Trying to answer some of your questions along the way.

I'll leave you with a screenshot of Brendon Upson's Puakma server running alongside Netbeans on OS X. Is there no end to this man's talents? Eat your heart out Lotus!

Puakma on OS X


  1. I am a apple newbie myself ... I bought this PowerBook G4 in Dec when my dell was about dead. I could not justify buying any of the current pc laptops back then. Nothing new in them. Even today, with the Centrino and the new dell widescreen, I love my mac. Its the first mac I have had since my Apple 2GS! Now, I will admitt, I use VPC alot (for designer, sametime, and quickplace) and my dell still sits on my desk, but the mac is just a better machine to use overall. and with apache, mysql, tomcat, and eclipse all running on it, its still faster than my dell inspron 8000 with a gig of ram!

  2. Thats actually my screenshot that Brendon is hosting. I do a bit of Puakma development from time to time - after 4 years on Notes.

    Ive had my iBook for about 5 months now, and I wouldnt go back. I still use my PC for games, but the Mac has everything else I need on it now - including my development environment!

    If anyone has any questions about Puakma on the Mac - just drop me an email, Id be more than happy to answer.


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    • Jake
    • Sun 4 May 2003 18:22

    Sorry Mat. I take it all back, there is an end to Brendon's talents. That's where you take over ;o)

  3. Hahahaha - dont know about talents. It was all pretty easy. The hardest part was getting mySQL to operate - after that it was a breeze!

    Puakma even detected OS X running a webserver and switched ports appropriately (which is why you see 2 errors on the console in the screenshot).

    Very nice :)


  4. Head over to www.eclipse.org and have a look at 2.1 which now support OSX. I prefer it to NetBeans and now I can have the dev environment at work and home. I write all my Notes java stuff in Eclipse - it is much nicer, without being the resource hog that WSAD is.



  5. So when you releasing CodeStore version of Designer for Mac then Jake ;-)

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