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Mr Rip Rowan (without doubt an American) of ProRec has been having some fun with his graphics editor. Something I've been known to do in the past as well.

So, the floor's open. Get out your favourite graphics editor and send me your redesigned Notes GUIs with those must-have features. I'll post the best of the bunch (if anybody actually bothers) on here when the arrive...

Good question Mr Fricker, I think it must be at least 3 years now. Alas, I am growing old. Tomorrow I am one whole year older than last year.


  1. I don't know about graphics, but definately something to share.

    Read a comment in the R5 forum (to a typical low-brow post) that said:

    "Here is the solution. Edit your Notes.ini file and add the line

    makenoteswork = yes

    Save the file and try again. You see this value by default is set to 'no', (Lotus/IBM likes challenging CLP's and don't want us getting complacent). But adding this setting will make everything work in Notes, and you'll never have another problem again."

    via Ian Howe


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    • Hippo
    • Wed 1 Oct 2003 09:49

    Jake, came across a very slick rtf editor that you could use in your blog. Not sure if you would want to bother as users would be able to upload files to your db but I thought it was worth looking at. Then you could have folks adding their wish list domino designer gui enhancements via screen caps. Maybe roll the good ones up and submit to ibm/lotus and charge them a fee! Like that would ever happen, here it is:


  2. Here is a graphic for my wish list in Domino

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    • warren
    • Wed 1 Oct 2003 10:34

    happy birthday for tomorrow

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    • Gaston
    • Wed 1 Oct 2003 11:26

    Happy birthday..not yet married ? only two years left ;-)

  3. Well, it is my turn on Sunday. Fortunately 30 has already happened so I have some time for the next barrier. I will congratulate tomorrow. For the graphics challenge. Even Photoshop will not be able to bring good pics out of my computer. Sorry.

    Have a nice pre-birthday evening.

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    • Jaap
    • Wed 1 Oct 2003 14:03

    Jake drink some more beers than normally and you will not remember that you grew older mmmmm me build 1961

    Have a nice party, can we virtually pop-in via the webcam

  4. Ahhh, Yes.

    makenoteswork = yes

    That was such a great thread! Too bad that line doesn't actually work!

    Well don't have any screen shots but I would like to see features that have been added to new parts of Notes added to existing parts. i.e. In an outline entry is set to Action and when selecting a Image Resource in certain places you get the little @ button when you can create your formula to display whatever based on your criteria. Why can't this be used through out the app. Column Titles, Font styles, HTML tags... Basically you can dynamically control all os the Notes elements instead of eveything being static.

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    • Brandon Z
    • Sat 1 Nov 2003 10:57

    After reading Rip's notes about the newly discovered feature, I'm left wondering: just *how* is this better than using ?ReadViewEntries ???

  5. You might want to place a statement after the http://www.geocities.com/riprowan/r6_xml.html link telling people that this is a joke. It was a rather huge letdown to find out that it was false.


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