Hurray, hurray

Tomorrow I go on holiday to the south of Spain for a week. We've hired a friend's villa with its own pool and not a PC in sight. Nice.

Send Mail v1.0While I'm away I've left you something to play with. What is it? The answer to the eternal question "How do I send HTML mail from Notes?" no less. I know I've discussed this before but that was with Java whereas this solution uses nothing but LotusScript (To do this it uses the WinSock DLLs and so will only work on Windows servers. Sorry). If you've not worked it out already you can download the database by clicking the icon. Have a play (start by web-previewing the root of the DB once it's on your server) and e-mail me (Jake AT codestore.net) any suggestions and/or bugs. Will then try and get v1.1 out soon after my bronzed return ;o)

Many thanks to Anders Åbjörn for sharing his work.

Thanks also to Mr Golding for the extra prompting it took to get me to add response counts to my blogs. He even gave me 90% of the solution. Damned response views are the least intuitive of all Domino's features.

Will leave you with another thought. Did you know that the longest word you can spell with the top row of a "Qwerty" keyboard is Typewriter? "Really? How interesting Jake...."


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    • Tone
    • Fri 27 Sep 2002 06:54

    "Really? How interesting Jake...."


    Love the new Read / Add Comments (None so far) information and navigation. Smart. But why do you write your email address as Jake AT codestore.net instead of, well, you know. Does it help to stop spambots finding you address? Only reason I can think of. Good one though, cause I'm after this sort of trick for my own work, I was thinking of using "&somethingorother;" in place of "@" in the markup so it would LOOK the same, but the markup wouldn't include name@domain.extentsion which might be possible?

  1. On my site I used the ole' document.write trick, which writes mailto links back into the document using two or more variables to make up the address. This means that the complete address never exists in the underlying html.

    I don't have any evidence as to whether it really stops addresses getting into spam bot logs, but so far so good!

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    • Mike
    • Fri 27 Sep 2002 07:39

    Jake, does your comment count include comments that are awaiting approval? It said there were two but I can only see one...

    Also, I have seen the technique used whereby people do document.write to build the e-mail address in the markup so it renders fine but hinders crawlers. I think I saw Ben Poole do that one.

  2. You Sexy Beast, you! Have fun.

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    • Jake
    • Fri 27 Sep 2002 09:09

    Great film! Hoping I will actually be coming home though and not ending up under... woops, better not say. Kind of like telling people Bruce Willis is a ghost at the end of Sixth Sense. Woops again! My big mouth.

  3. A question for you: does the sendmail agent require the ability to run *unrestricted* agents? This runs fine on my development server at home, but when I try to use on a hosted box (where I DON'T have unrestricted rights) I just get the message about being sure I've signed it with an appropriate ID.


    P.S. Enjoy your holiday...

  4. Jake, this code from Anders is extremely useful. I've been struggling with the Sun javamail api for some time and this just works great.

    One thing though, On my test server I seem to be unable to send html mail via smtp to an external address..(only works with addresses on the same serveur)perhaps someone could point me in the right direction for solving this ? Have I missed something in setting up the server ? Thanks in advance.


  5. Argh! You spoil everything, Jake! First you make me think Notes crashed with your CSS (I was somewhat surprised since I don't have Notes on my computer any more), then you expose the secret Mansfield game of numberplate spotting, and now this! I must say, your blog has gone downhill of late! :-)

    Of course, since you don't know me all that well, I'd better make a note and say I'm just kidding. Love your blog, I check daily, and it's been the inspiration of my up-coming blog relaunch.

    Keep up the good blogging work!

  6. Hello,

    This agent looks great, but in case i want to send the mail to a person who is not in my domain, the following error message is shown:

    554 Relay rejected for policy reasons

    We want to be very careful on relaying,



  7. thanks

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    • Tad
    • Mon 28 Nov 2005 09:17 PM

    how can i incorporate a flash (swf) file in email i sent so that it become a flash embedded email?

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