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It's finally happened. I've been asked to talk at a Domino developer's seminar (The View's Bootcamp). I always thought myself shunned by the powers that be in the Domino world. After all, it's not like I follow the company-line in what I say. The trouble is I don't know whether to do it or not. Public speaking is something I tend to avoid unless I really have to do it. Also, what would I talk about? I imagine they want me to discuss one particular technology. I'd prefer to just freeform on a variety of things with no apparent format. Maybe something like "What's wrong with Domino?"

Assuming I pluck up the courage to take part and that you are going to be there (don't know the location yet, I think it's Amsterdam or Miami), would you come? If so would it be the subject or the speaker that you came to see. If the former then what would you like that subject to be? I can pass your comments on to the organisers...

The trouble with using tables for your page-layout method is that it's easy to look at the page and not know where one starts/ends and which ones are nested. That's why I often find myself saving the source of a Domino page as HTML and opening it in Dreamweaver (this is about ALL I use Dreamweaver for nowadays) so that I can see how the tables relate to each other. Yesterday I realised I could write a Bookmarklet to make this a lot easier. Here it is (IE). Add it to your bookmarks if it's useful to you as well.

When I get round to starting the site's 2nd birthday re-design I plan to get rid of all tables and start using CSS for layout. Like those documented at Glish.com.

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Written by Jake Howlett on Thu 13 Jun 2002

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