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Goal..Finally, I have something "concrete" to show you after all this talk about creating charts with SVG. If you haven't already, then get the Adobe SVG Viewer, come back and click on the shot to the left or on this link. You should then get an interactive, scalable bar-chart showing which Groups in the World Cup have seen the most goals so far. Quite low in France's group, Group A - the current champions have been knocked out already without having scored a single goal!

What I've tried to do is come up with a demonstration that shows you what you can do with SVG and Domino but without you having to worry about any Java or XML/XSL. Download the database - it's the Zip file called Worldcup in this document. See what you make of it while I get to work on something where the concrete's a little more solid. Note that I don't think the way I've used DBLookups to get the total for each group is particularly clever. What it does show is one approach and it's an approach that requires no knowledge beyond what we all already have. What I'm saying is, I know it's badly designed, but it proves the point...

Cassetica..I got a mail from Harry Potter this morning offering me "frank photos of 5-10 y.o. girls". Strange? No, just another mail to the address that Cassetica let slip last week. I was hoping it would be a one off but it now looks like I'm in the spiral that will mean more and more mail like this. Thanks Cassetica! Well, if I have to pay a price every time the address is used, so will you. Every time they spam me I will give you bad-press. Oh, and I'll forward you the mail for your reference. I'm now awaiting the ultimate irony when you decide that you will sue me for what you have done to me. As of today, I am number ten of a Google search for Cassetica. Be warned ;o)

If it's not obvious - I HATE spam with unlimited passion.

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Written by Jake Howlett on Tue 11 Jun 2002

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