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The trouble with a lot of the writings on SVG is that they tend to be a little dated. Good to see that O'Reilly are still on the ball with their latest article. Spare it five minutes of your Monday.

Notice when reading the above article how hard it is to concentrate on the information at hand. Intrusive advertising is all over the place making it almost impossible to keep your mind on the content (well, if you've got my attention span it is). I know that's what they're trying to do and it annoys the hell out of me. What I want is a way of blocking all these "images"...

Get Mozilla.. Thank the lords for Mozilla, which, unless you've not noticed, was finally launched last week. With Mozilla you have so many options available you can finally make browsing a pleasant experience again. Many of these options have been available in Opera for some time but only now is there a browser, other than IE, with which you can browse without the error messages preventing you.

To show you what I mean, I've set up Mozilla the way I like it and opened the above article. Compare the shots below of the same article in both IE and Mozilla. Which would you prefer to see?

Internet Explorer


Customised Mozilla


Doing this is quite simple. Here's how:

  • Remove the Flash plugin from the Mozilla plugins directory.
  • Restart Mozilla and return to the page.
  • Right click any adverts and select "Block images from this server"
  • Do this for any site you visit regularly as they will often use the same "ad" provider.

BrilliantYou can even go one step further and prevent sites from opening popup windows. Another saviour for a serious-surfer. Other preferences include the options to allow animated gifs to loop once or never and to only accept images from the same server. All this makes for a much less annoying time on a site.

You might think that this is all a little over the top and you're probably right. However, in my daily use of the internet I am only ever after the written content of a page. Most sites would be just as useful if I were to turn of images and animations completely.

Happy surfing once again...

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Written by Jake Howlett on Mon 10 Jun 2002

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