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Don't worry I'm not selling myself cheap. Just an example of an abused apostrophe. Thanks to Czeslaw for the link. Also to John Haywood for reminding me of the endless arguments I had with my colleagues at HSBC. Oh, they were the days. Their argument:

Shut it Jake, the apostrophe in FAQ's is to denote the contraction of the word 'Questions'! Stop bothering me!

My counter-argument:

Well, why is it not F'A'Q's then!?

I won in the end if I remember rightly ;o)

Rob Porter mailed me yesterday with a great idea for an article. Using the iNotes file-upload ActiveX object. He's already done the majority of the work but I wondered if anybody had done it as well. What did you find?

Thanks to Owen Butler, Lea LoBlue and Roger Harper for using the comments form productively. A refreshing change to the average day's (note apostrophe) posts.

[Edit]: Forgot to thank Mike "ADSL" Golding for burning me a copy of R6 PR2. The fun I'm going to have tonight....

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Written by Jake Howlett on Thu 9 May 2002

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