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Glad to say I've had a (rare) weekend off the booze and managed to get quite a bit done. Adam Holzband mailed me yesterday to suggest I look in to RSS as an alternative to using SpyOnIt.com, which I spoke about on Wednesday.

I am now an RSS addict and have added two feeds on codestore to supply XML-format lists of date ordered articles and comments. Users of software like Newz Crawler can now see what's going on here without the need to check. Not only here - you can check recent publications from the BBC, Wired, SlashDot, Cnet, Register & more. Brilliant!

To create a feed in the RSS format you need XML similar to this example. This is fairly easy to do in Domino with a page and a view. So I did just that with the following pages:



Add these as new channels in News Crawler and you can keep a local list of documents and update it on a regular basis. The result will look something like the following.

While doing all this I started to dig deeper in to what until now, to me, was just YAA (Yet Another Acronym) - XML-RPC. You can do some potentially amazing stuff with this. Scott Andrew has a JavaScript implementation on his site.

[Editor]: Sorry, these resources were removed.

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Written by Jake Howlett on Sun 7 Apr 2002

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