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A few messages of thanks. Thanks to David Frahm for letting me know about this handy little tool. Also to Trish Uhl, as her question prompted me to find this utility for stress-testing web applications. Thanks to Professor Stephen Hawkin (well, his web developers I suppose) as at the point I got lost, reading this lecture, I noticed that the paragraphs were justifed and I've now added the CSS to this site. Last but not least, thanks to Stephen Cryan for letting me know the download links in this article are out of date and that the Script Debugger can now be found here. Damn Microsoft for constantly changing their site.

Last year I wrote a few articles for Xephon's Domino Update journal. Since which this particular journal has ceased to exist. Not surprising really as nobody I know has ever heard of it. Anyway, the editor (Anthony Patton, author of this book) has since gone on to work for CNet's Builder.com site and has asked me to write an article for it. How can I resist? I'll let you all know when it's published...

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Written by Jake Howlett on Fri 1 Mar 2002

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