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Accessible Ajax With Domino Forms

Ajax is great, but it should always be used wisely and there should always be the same functionality on offer for those for whom Ajax will not work. Here's how to offer that with simple Domino forms....

11 Jul 2007 | Keywords: Ajax, Accessibilty | Category: Forms | Read »

Managing Domino File Resources Using WebDAV

Using WebDAV we can easily add many files and folders to Domino databases....

3 Oct 2006 | Keywords: WebDAV, Resource, Explorer | Category: Miscellaneous | Read »

Domino Name Picker Revisited

A simple widget-like interface for choosing names from the address book, using Ajax....

26 Jun 2006 | Keywords: names, picker, address | Category: Forms | Read »

Form Validator R3.0

An updated version of the code that aimed to make validating any field on any form a doddle....

6 Jun 2006 | Keywords: validation, prototype, fields | Category: Forms | Read »

Drag-n-Drop Sorting of Documents

Shows how to enable drag-n-drop sorting of child documents on the web....

27 Feb 2006 | Keywords: drag, drop, Ajax, Web 2.0, sort, list | Category: Forms | Read »

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