What's New

CodeStore Release 6.4

Date: Mon 27 Feb 2006
  1. Added "Rough Cuts" article section for timely release of content.

CodeStore Release 6.3

Date: Fri 17 Feb 2006
  1. "Skip Navigation" link added for improved accessibility.
  2. Improvements made to backend operation, such as auto-updating of latest article display.
  3. Comments forms now work without JavaScript.
  4. Less inline JavaScript in forms - now all in .js files.
  5. Standards Compliant mode enabled and subsequent CSS changes added,
  6. OpenSearch discovery added for IE 7 users.

CodeStore Release 6.2

Date: Mon 14 Nov 2005
  1. New CSS included to help readers on handheld devices
  2. Fixed bug on search form.
  3. Turned off database property "Use JavaScript when generating pages" so as to streamline HTML produced.
  4. Improved the way I block nasty IP addresses in the background.

CodeStore Release 6.1

Date: Thu 2 Mar 2005
  1. When you post a comment on codestore there's the option to use a Cookie to store your name/email/website information for future use. Although nobody requested this change I'm hoping it makes your life a little easier. Same details are used when responding to both blogs and articles.
  2. RSS Feed now split in to two parts. One for External Links and one for Article & Blogs. The latter now includes a brief description for each entry. Both changes are due to your feedback/requests.
  3. The Search form now has an extra option on it. Sorry. I had to remove this once I realised "my" error. The idea was that you could select to sort the results either by date ascending/descending or by Domino's default sorting. This used the &SearchOrder= URL parameter. But, I then noticed this doesn't work in view "treated as HTML". God damn you Notes! Why do you foresake me so?
  4. Search form has been tidied and simplified so as to avoid as much scrolling as possible. The default is to now "Search Fuzzy".
  5. Numerous CSS and design tweaks have been incorporated since 6.0 was released. Following user feedback the defalt font-size for the whole site was increased slightly. The "boxes" on the homepage have had their background colours removed to aid easier reading of text.
  6. Articles have had the "meta" data split in to separeate panels on the right-hand side. Hopefully, these make more sense. If there are attachments there is a panel just to show these. If the article is associated with a Sandbox demo then a link to the demo now appears in Options panel.

CodeStore Release 6.0

Date: Thu 17 Feb 2005
  1. Homepage re-design. The codestore homepage now makes it easier to get to what you're looking for. The number of blog entries has been reduced to two and more emphasis is given to the recently created articles.
  2. Improved Search Functionality. The codestore search system has been completely changed. You can now drill down in to the content based on criteria such as document type or publication date.
  3. External Links. There are often useful articles and websites I find about the web that I don't get chance to include in a blog. These "elsewhere" links now appear on the homepage and in the blog archive entry for the day they were posted.
  4. Sandbox Download area. I know some of you are really only interested in articles where you get to download sample apps. Come on, admit it. Well, this view shows articles that contain downloads and where there are also online demo for you to use. It also shows demos and downloads not associated with any article and oft forgotten.
  5. Same date format used across all views. Was it mm/dd or dd/mm? Who really knew?! Well, now all documents and view use the same friendly format - e.g: Th u 17 Feb 2005.
  6. Still no adverts.
  7. Removed list of blogs by month, which was getting far too clumsy for its own good.
  8. RSS Feed modified. Title is now listed first to make it easier to see what you're looking. Feed now also includes the External Links mentioned above. These open the target webpage directly.
  9. The form used to add responses to articles is now in-line, like the form used in blogs.
  10. Behind the scenes the HTML and CSS has been modified. It's now a lot lighter and is making progress to becoming a lot more compliant with W3C standards.
  11. In the ba ckend I've drastically decreased the number of subforms being used and there are now about 80% less < ;div> elements for the browser to deal with.
  12. There's hardly any JavaScript being used (by phase 2 it will all be gone). Instead of using script to capture form submission events and trigger searches, co destore now uses "real" forms and submits the right one depending on user focus and buttons pressed.
Releases By Date 27th Feb 2006 = v6.4
17th Feb 2006 = v6.3
14th Nov 2005 = v6.2
2nd Mar 2005 = v6.1
17th Feb 2005 = v6.0