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Reply posted by Gunasekaran on Wed 24 Jan 2007 in response to What to do when Notes crashes

To avoid to restart your pc

NSD - Notes System Diagnostics - (nsd.exe for W32 platforms)/ nsd.sh(for Unix
platforms) creates NSD Log files in the Domino data directory (for a server) or
in the Notes data directory (for a workstation). NSD log files can help
determine the cause of a server or workstation crash.... The files contain
information about the tasks which were running when it crashed as well as
general system information.

NSD occurs when your client encounters a run time error (uncorrectable), mainly
due to bad programming or Lotus Notes bug with certain objects and handles.

IBM utilize the automatic diagnostic collection tool which collects diagnostic
data after client crashes and prompts the user to send the collected data to a
mail-in database when the client restarts. You should send diagnostic
information if you experience a crash. The Lotus Notes administrator can then
use the collected data to determine the cause of the crash.

When your notes client crashes, you might not be able to restart your Lotus
Notes client. You either have to use Kill Notes or manually kill all the
relevant Notes Processes from the task manager or restart the machine to
restart your Notes client.

But NSD can help you with this. Just run the “nsd” process from your machine
and this will terminate Lotus Notes for you without having to restart your
machine. Then, you can start Lotus up again as you usually do. Here’s how:

1.Go to your MS-DOS command prompt (C:/>)
2.Change into your Notes Data directory: C:\>cd lotus\notes\data
3.Then, enter the following command from the data directory:

C:\Lotus\Notes\Data>..\nsd.exe -kill

[make sure that the command starts with ..]

[make sure to leave a space between the exe and -kill]

4. Then, you can start up Lotus Notes as you usually do.

Why NSD.exe comes after crash is… it is just to collect diagnostic data as well
as to clean up Lotus Notes process!!