Accessible Ajax With Domino Forms [ROUGH CUT]

Ajax is great, but it should always be used wisely and there should always be the same functionality on offer for those for whom Ajax will not work. Here's how to offer that with simple Domino forms....

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HTML Emails The Easy Way

Simple way to send emails in both HTML and plain text alternatives at the same time....

Keywords: MIME, Email, HTML, Alternate | Category: Miscellaneous | Read »

Form Validator R3.0 [ROUGH CUT]

An updated version of the code that aimed to make validating any field on any form a doddle....

Keywords: validation, prototype, fields | Category: Forms | Read »

Appending Rich Text Edits

Shows a way to allow users to append information to the end of a rich text field without being able to edit the field itself....

Keywords: Rich Text, Append, Edit | Category: Forms | Read »

Date Fields in Your Format

Imagine you're asked to display date fields in a format the customer choses. Imagine they want to be able to change this format for each implementation of a template. What do you do? Well, I was faced with this problem and came up with an answer....

Keywords: Date, Time, Format, Text, Month, Year | Category: Miscellaneous | Read »

Faking Action Bars With CSS

Part of the endless drive to mimic all features of the Notes client in the web browser. This article shows how to place buttons at the top of a page and keep them there as it scrolls. All this using nothing but CSS....

Keywords: CSS, Actions, Buttons | Category: Miscellaneous | Read »

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