Entry Already In Index

NotesException: Notes error: Entry already in index

Created by Viktor on 11/30/2009

File Is Not A Database

File is not a database

Created by Anonymous on 01/19/2010

Error Encountered Retrieving Data

Bad HTTP status: 500 (internal server error)

Created by Anonymous on 02/12/2010

Public Is Not Allowed In This Module

PUBLIC is not allowed in this module

Created by David Phillips on 03/28/2010

Failed To Authenticate: Your Account Is Locked Out; See Your System Administrator To Reset It

failed to authenticate: Your account is locked out; see your system administrator to reset it

Created by dph.sask on 11/12/2010


cannot find form:xyz

Created by Anonymous on 12/14/2010

Server Error: Your Entry In The Server’S Domino Directory Specifies That Authentication Is Not Allowed

Server Error: Your entry in the server’s Domino Directory specifies that authentication is not allowed

Created by Mike Driver on 12/20/2010

Lotus Domino Server

Server error: '554 Relay rejected for policy reasons.'

Created by krishna on 05/27/2011

Lotus Notes Error

"An error occurred while saving: You are not authorized to perform that operation

Created by Anonymous on 06/28/2011


Overflow (non-specific)

Created by Jerry Carter on 07/27/2011