Notes Error Database Currently Indexed By Other Process

Notes Error Database Currently Indexed by Other Process

Created by Anurag on 08/22/2006


User is prompted with error: #0C:28

Created by Jerry Carter on 08/31/2006

No Mime Data

Error 500 HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - No MIME Data

Created by Malone on 09/05/2006


illegal use of property

Created by Anonymous on 09/13/2006

Operation Is Disallowed In This Session

Agent '' error: Operation is disallowed in this session

Created by Mumonzan on 10/05/2006

The Server Is Not A Known Tcp/Ip Host

The server is not a known TCP/IP host

Created by Anonymous on 10/15/2006

Database Xx.Nsf Has Not Been Opened Yet

Database XX.nsf has not been opened yet

Created by Gustaf on 10/24/2006

Special Object Not Found

Archive failed,Special object cannot be located

Created by selvan N on 11/07/2006

Assert In Lsp


Created by jim cobb on 11/27/2006


"Connection denied."+"the server you connected has a different name from the one requested"

Created by Anonymous on 12/04/2006