The Internet Adress For This User Is Not Unique

The internet adress for this user is not unique

Created by Daniel Marcos on 02/18/2005



Created by Anonymous on 02/23/2005

Domino Lotus Notes

username not found in nbame and address book

Created by Majid anwar on 04/04/2005

You Are Not Allowed To Modify Environment Variables

HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - You are not allowed to modify environment variables.

Created by H on 04/22/2005

File Upload Not Allowed

HTTP Web Server: File Upload Not Allowed Exception

Created by Sylvain GUERIT on 04/22/2005

String Values Cannot Be Longer Than 65535 Bytes

Error 500 - HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - String values cannot be longer than 65535 bytes

Created by Slim L. on 04/27/2005


Database (.nsf) has grown too large; use File New Replica to recreate your file with larger capacity

Created by Anonymous on 05/06/2005

List Values Cannot Have More Than 65535 Elements When Storing In An Item

Error 500 - HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - List values cannot have more than 65535 elements when storing in an item

Created by Tracey van Loggerenberg on 05/31/2005

Http Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Specified Database Is Not Currently Open

This error occurs sporadically, when we copying attachments from one document to another using RTITEM

Created by Bhoopathy Murugaswamy on 07/13/2005

Filenames With "%" Characters

HTTP Web Server: Item Not Found Exception

Created by Anonymous on 07/14/2005