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HTTP Web Server: Item Not Found Exception


I access as an user a Domino-based web, can make attachments, but if I
attach a file with filename containing the "%" character (or anybody
else do it) I canĀ“t download it (eg. file%20name), I get a "HTTP Web
Server: Item Not Found Exception" even if I edit the filename URL to use
%25 instead of "%" character.
Do you know if Lotus Domino has an internal ID for the file that can
be used to retrieve the file without using the filename? (to avoid
using "$File/file%20name")

Any help woud be appreciated.


If you read the lotus help in the top of the page you can solve any problem

Mohammad on 07/31/2007 11:33 AM

i have the same problem but with attachments download when the attach name in arabic internet explorer

i tried to download it throu the domino client and it works

so i tried another web browser like opera and it download the attachment successfully

ahmed wasfi on 01/03/2008 07:37 AM

It seems to be a browser problem which occurs when a file name is typed with spaces.

eg. file name 20

IE by default defines the space as % which might give problems while accessing such files.

Solution is to type the names with characters within the name and avoid leaving space in the name.

eg. file-name-20 or file_name_20

This will open the exact attachment and will not show the percentage error message.

Nha on 06/27/2008 12:40 PM

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