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    • Mark Teichmann
    • Posted on Sun 29 Apr 2012 05:27 AM

    Hi Jake,

    although I left Domino development for some years now I still read your blog with great interest (for more than 10 years now). The mix between Work and Family makes it unique. And your style of writing is really making a difference.

    For me the Sharepoint thing is more interesting than the Domino things but I am open to every direction you will take.

    I wonder why you do not head into mobile development any longer. This is currently the mega trend. But as always, there are app developers and app developers (one that earn a lot of money and others that can't make a living out of it).

    Maybe this article may be interesting for you http://www.zdnet.com/blog/sybase/sh.. ..n-sap-mobile-developer-the-one-reason-that-matters/2939 .

    Currently I am involved in the development of SAP apps combined with Sybase Unwired Platform. At the moment everyone is starting something in this sector. During this phase I will do all steps by myself, that are:

    Developing ABAP code in SAP, developing SUP objects in Sybase Unwired Platform and developing the mobile app in iOS or Android.

    But when the whole thing really catches speed, there are developers needed that do the apps and maybe also that do SUP development. Maybe this could be an alternative for you besides the Sharepoint stuff. Personally I also belief that Windows Mobile will be successful in the end. That also fits well with your .NET expertise.

    Maybe it is also time to get rid of all your hardware and servers. I think it is better to place all systems into the cloud and concentrate on software instead of playing around with hardware.

    I believe that this is a great time for doing new things and that you are in a very good place to take part of it.

    All the best for you, your family and Codestore


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