Keyword Refresh R2.0

Jake Howlett, 13 September 2000

Category: Forms; Keywords: Keyword JavaScript Refresh Dialog XML

This code example/template shows how you can use JavaScript to update the choices in a Keyword list that are dependent in a choice made in another multi-choice field.

This problem is one that is often referred to in many on-line discussions areas and yet has never had a decent workaround (in my eyes anyway). The fixes that have been suggested almost always involve the page being submitted to the server in order for it to reprocess the field values.

Version 2 of this database introduces XML and a new look. The database now only works in the browser.


The XML techniques used make use of XML Data Islands and the MS XML Parser. Using these Data Islands means that the we can overcome the 64KB limitation of using @DBLookups. Version 1 was limited by the number of options that could be returned for each drop-down.

Using the same principles we can extend this model so that when one select field is changed we can update numerous amounts of data in many different fields. Keep your eyes peeled for Version 2.x ...