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Lotus Notes Exception - File does not exist


Not to be confused with a genuine 404 where the database name in the URL is incorrect.


The database filename you specified in an @DBLookup/Column formula doesn't exist.

Jake on 12/05/2004 14:17

The name of the view that preceeds a "?SearchView&Query=" URL does not exist or is spelt wrongly.

Jake on 12/05/2004 14:17

Error 404's also occur on Unix based systems when you have the correct spelling of a file path, but the wrong capitalization. These errors will be random and intermittant, and will tend to temporarily disappear if you have the database in question open in the Notes client while pulling it up in a browser.

Jon Schultz on 06/04/2004 09:34 AM

Occurs in lotusscript when sending a mail message eg doc.send(False, address).

The mail file location specified on the Mail tab of the Location Document is incorrect. 'On server' should be used where you don't have a mail database and lotus notes is connected to Outlook or some other mail server.

Dietrich Willing on 06/17/2004 10:57 PM

The database filename or the server name you specified in an @Picklist doesn't exist

Enrico Bartocci on 10/28/2004 08:41

You may get this error when creating a new mail document and tries to insert a signature file. Go to the preferences and put the correct path+filename to in the signature location field.

Tim Matthews on 04/21/2005 20:31

Sometimes the file specified in the URL actually DOES exist but if you have an agent specified in the WebQueryOpen event that no longer exists (ooops), you will also get this message. A real problem to track down!!!

Cesar Mugnatto on 04/30/2005 19:17

This problem may arise even if you have

database file existing in the server.I got this problem while executing a webservice......

Shailendra Mallik on 09/17/2005 04:29 AM

You may get this error while opening the application through browser when the server is down.

Prasadareddy on 12/11/2005 09:53 PM

If your DB is on a subdirectory, you must specify the server name. Don't use: "" for local server. Instead, use @ServerName.

Matias Moncho on 04/18/2006 12:51 PM

In my case, the "File does not exist" when I try to Open, Reply or Foward, occurs because the path to the file of the Signature was wrong.

Ramiro on 12/28/2006 05:11 PM

If you use a hosting company, such as prominic, pay particular attention to Jon Shultz's entry on 6/04/04.

To make this easier to understand, I had a dB whose file name was AMQC.nsf. If I used {Link} the url works OK for an indeterminate amount of time - then fails, but if I revert to {Link} it will work forever.

My advice is to either use all lowercase or all upper case characters in file names and ensure that you remain consistent when delivering URLs to clients.

Andy Davies on 06/27/2007 09:53 AM


dummy on 08/01/2008 06:15 AM

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