Created by Jake Howlett on 05/12/2004. Modified: 12/05/2004 14:43; 12/05/2004 14:39


HTTP Web Server: Unknown Command Exception


Usually a URL based problem.


Time to check the URL. More often than not it is something obvious like "?OpnForm" or a similar typo.

Jake on 12/05/2004 14:39

I've seen this error when you try to reduce URLs to a smaller size. For example, the URL:-


can be written as:-


This works very well assuming that there is a view called "Main". The error arose when i also had a Frameset called "Main" as well.

Tony Byrne on 06/02/2005 08:09

An error occured in Checkin(4091 - Invalid universal id Line No. - 85)

aaa on 09/28/2005 06:01 AM

In case I had a redirection URL (/crm), "URL->URL" type, pointing to a db located in a subdirectory whose name was the same of the redirection name (/crm/customer.nsf ).

I changed the type of redirection type to "URL->redirection URL" type, refresh HTTP task and now it works.

Cristian D'Aloisio on 09/14/2009 10:34 AM

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