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entry not found in index


In lotus R5, in TO field , enter any name, select it , right click and select N&A lookup, it throws this error.


Received this error when trying to "humanize" some URLs in database. Instead of:

"home.nsf/b0da3a2f63208410852571930048a8da/4e4931e1d3261ccc852571930048bab2?OpenDocument" I wanted:


Realized the "pages" view needs to be sorted. Soon as I sorted the view, the "human" URL worked fine.

- Rob

Rob Wunderlich on 06/20/2006 09:06 AM

You will also get this error if you have an agent specified in a form WebQueryopen event and the agent doesn't exist, or its name has been changed.

Michael Sobczak on 03/30/2007 04:33 PM

Form could possibly contain a $$Return field or WebQuerySave agent which forwards to a false URL.

Benjamin Scholz on 04/13/2007 07:17 AM

The same will happen if you use a DbLookup in a combo box (or others like it) and it fails. You can prevent it by using the [FailSilent] option on your lookup.

dphunct on 05/02/2007 03:27 PM

This error can also occur if domain is not specified in users location document.

Ben Armstrong on 10/03/2007 09:46 PM

Happened to me when I accidentally renamed a view to the same name as one lookup view alias.

Darina Sadovska on 01/07/2008 05:37 AM

I got this error when i copied a document from a room to an inner room in

Lotus Quickr. It shows this exception when i click the link of the document which is copied in the inner room

Sri on 01/05/2009 09:52 PM

This can happen when a form has a computed field with a default value that is based on another field that does not exist.

Terry Pearson on 01/28/2009 01:08 PM

This also happens if the Domino URL needs authentication to the resource.

Dexter Madronio on 06/23/2009 04:27 AM

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