Created by Giles Hinton on 05/16/2004. Modified: 05/16/2004 12:55


Notes Error: Cannot Close Current Program


Occurs when setting a target frame for an action button in LotusScript and then trying to open another page / form from that action button. The same problem does not occur when using formula.


In R6, if you want to open another document / form / design element from an open document or other design element, and you're already in a frame, LotusScript often just will not work in the way the help says it should.

Formula for some reason will. Hence:


@Command([OpenView]; "vwRpt");

will work, whilst

Dim workspace As New NotesUIWorkspace

Dim uidb As notesuidatabase

Set uidb = workspace.currentdatabase

Call workspace.SetTargetFrame("details")

Call uidb.OpenView("vwRpt")

won't! Instead, you get a "Notes Error: Cannot close current program" message.

To get around this if you need to use lotusscript, simply put the script into an agent, and then call the agent from your button using formula. It's messy but it works.

Giles Hinton on 05/16/2004 12:57

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Giles Hinton on 07/12/2009 05:04 PM

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