Created by Mark Leusink on 07/07/2004. Modified: 07/07/2004 07:31 AM


HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Error opening note unable to resolve the referenced note


This has to do with the Single Copy Template feature: you receive it when Domino can't find the design note in the master template (anymore).


Since the database instance doesn't contain any design elements anymore (only pointers): re-create the master template, set the correct template name and you should de allright.

Mark Leusink on 07/07/2004 07:33 AM

tell me the reason why it happens

vinod on 05/09/2005 02:40

Lotus Notes error is item not found


santosh on 07/15/2010 04:04 AM

he doesn't work

balbalka on 01/25/2011 01:13 AM

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