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The bookmark ... cannot be opened due to error, "You are not authorized to perform that operation." Do you want to remove the bookmark.


In R6.5.1, user opens on workspace a DB to which they have author rights. Drag and drop the tab icon to the favorites sidebar around workspace (where the Mail, Calendar, etc. bookmarks are found). When they subsequently click on bookmark they get the error. They have other bookmarks to other DBs, created same way that work fine. Other users have bookmark to this DB that works fine. Error message not found in KB or Partner Forum.


Da click derecho sobre el bookmark,

Database/Properties y en el icono del libro en el Title debes tener el nombre de la base de datos que accesas con el icono, en este caso el Adress Book

-c-'s Address Book y en el Filename: names.nfs y tu Type Domino Directory.

Sandra on 12/26/2005 12:32 PM

check the mailfile under 'edit current'. It might be pointing to another person's mailfile

Cally on 07/04/2006 10:13 PM

If you are working on different server,uses the different id to access the database and default access is no access,reader or author then if we want to access any design element(this db open in designer with differnet id..bookmark is not removed) from database with different id then it will give above error..

Jyoti on 09/28/2006 07:28 AM

Just switch to the current ID and the open the database from workspace with your name and server, That may fix the issue.


keerthan on 12/29/2007 01:54 AM

Copy your ID and save it on data folder

Remedy on 05/16/2008 02:47 PM

Delete the "bookmar.nsf" file and restart notes , it will work fine and when you get the error "Do you want to remove the bookmark. Please click on NO as clicking on YES will delete your existing bookmarks and cant be retrived.

DAS on 04/20/2012 07:19 PM

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