Created by Jake Howlett on 05/12/2004. Modified: 05/13/2004 07:23; 12/05/2004 14:27


Lotus Notes Exception - Special Database Object cannot be located


Usually when opening documents in the web.


Usually due to the database not having a defualt form and you try to open a document without a correct form in the "Form" field or no "Form" field at all. Can also be caused by URLs ending in "$help" and there being no "Using this database" document created or if the "on web launch" property is set to open the "About Database" page and this has not been created yet or you use "$DefaultView" in a URL and a default view has not been specified

Jake on 12/05/2004 14:27

Can also see this if you try to open a URL with something like /dir/db.nsf/$DefaultView and there is no default view.

Similarly if you try and open $Help and there is no "Using This Database" document. Others include $DefaultForm and $About.

Jake on 05/13/2004 07:24

A while ago, when using the R5 notes client, when using @Command([ViewSwitchForm]) I found I had to set the properties of the form being switched to so that it could be accessed in the create menu, otherwise it wasn't appearing in the viewswitchform dialog.

Giles Hinton on 05/16/2004 13:00

Another trigger for this error in a database with no default form: calling NotesDocument.RenderToRTItem method.

Curt Beery on 10/04/2004 16:49

related to Jake's first post, this one has to do with no default view.

I received the error when doing: Set newnote = newsletter.FormatMsgWithDoclinks(db). I can only assume the code behind the method relies on the default view being defined. After selecting a default view, life is good!

Jordan Tenjeras on 10/13/2004 14:44

I saw this error today for the first time. I have no idea what to do. Your suggestions was not useful. After couple of hours I found that 'someone' left part of HTML code in view property 'Form Formula'. It was so trivial, but I just have to mention here that 'silly' mistakes can cause error (like this) which sounds very,very serious. (I work with Domino server V5). Please, delete this post if you think that is not proper for this forum.

casiel on 07/14/2005 05:15

Another trigger for this error seems to be the [IncludeDocLink] flag in @MailSend formula on Forms with Subforms.

Russ Langston on 11/30/2005 09:54 AM

I got this error whne trying to archive

Marty Evans on 01/31/2006 08:54 AM

I experienced this issue several times for users when they try to archive. The "sledgehammer" approach is to reinstall Notes under that user's profile. I had tried someone else's suggestion about replacing the archive template file but that didn't help me.

Steve Ringham on 09/18/2006 09:31 AM

I had thi problem when using [IncludeDocLink] in @MailSend on a form without subforms so I dont think there is a link between this.

Bjorn Larsem on 08/07/2008 07:19 AM

I just found the solution published on IBM.

"This is a known issue that occurs in any database when using @MailSend with the [IncludeDocLink] parameter in a background agent when no default view is set for the database."

I set an default view in my database and the problem was solved.

Björn Larsen on 08/07/2008 07:27 AM

I get this error trying to open the "Using this database" document, there is one created and I can display the information in the synopsis.

D. Adams on 05/21/2009 03:51 PM

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