Created by Dietrich Willing on 05/17/2006. Modified: 05/17/2006 11:54 PM


named product object does not exist


Agent error message when the Print string which starts with a period, does not have quotes around it.

Usually you cannot save an agent when you forget the quotes or pipes around a Print statement.

If the Print statement starts with a period, the agent can be saved without an error message. When the agent is run, the "named product object does not exist" error message is logged.

Thus if Print .spike is saved and the agent is run, the error message is created
If Print ".spike" is saved and the agent is run, no error message is produced


The full stop (period) in front of the string tells the system to use the objet previously defined by a "with" statement.


with doc

Print .Spike(0)

End With

would be the same as

Print doc.Spike(0)

So the error is that there is a full stop but no with

Mark Littlewood on 07/18/2006 03:37 AM

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