Created by Jake Howlett on 05/12/2004. Modified: 12/05/2004 14:35


HTTP Web Server: Corrupt Data Exception


Usually only encountered in a development environment and easily fixed.


Not that common an error in practice.

Encountered if you have a form open in the browser and you make changes to the design of it on the server before you submit it. To remedy simply reload the browser page before you submit.

Jake on 12/05/2004 14:36

This error happens whenever you make changes to the form design and call any "ACTION BUTTONS" through JavaScript. There is a _doClick() function with a 32 digit code as argument. This error indicates that this code has changed and we have to update this new code in our java script to call the ACTION BUTTON. to get the new updated code, enable the visibility for that ACTION BUTTON and preview in browser, then view the source(html) of that page. It will have the updated 32 bit CODE, which we can copy and paste in our Java Script.

Saravana Siva on 06/01/2004 06:53 AM

This error happend after a server crash. Running compactor, updall and fixup against the DB didn't solve the problem. Creating a new copy of the db solved it.

Urs Meli on 06/02/2004 07:44 AM

This error happens sometimes and keeps going after I upgraded Domino from R5.08 to ND6.5.1. It happens at some action button with @Command([ToolsRunMacro];AgentName), where AgentName is an agent in LotusScript.

I've tried using:

1. create a new button with the same command on the same form,

2. create a new button with the same command on a new form, and copy the HTML <input> tag from the browser's source. Then pasted it into the original form as a computed text, and marked as HTML Passthru.

3. Fixup database

All above methods fail!

The only one method working is makeing a new replica and replace the old one!

Andrew Sheng on 06/13/2004 11:33 PM

Well, The same thing happened to one of our servers, but not immediately after the 6 upgrade. There are other 6 servers also, but only one has this error. Made a new replica on a different server and the errors went away after replication. So, it worked without a replacement copy or replica.

Biju Mathew on 09/10/2004 14:42

The same problem arises if you're using mail addresses ( as user id and in groups. In that case it seems like the user can login but isn't member to any group.

Joe Sund on 11/18/2005 02:12 AM

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