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A required argument has not been provided


If you try to rename a user through the RenameWebUser method of the NotesAdministrationProcess object, you might receive this error message, even though you did specify all mandatory arguments. According to designer help, the only parameters, that must not be omitted are username$ and newfullname$.

For the remaining parameters newlastname$, newfirstname$, newmiddleinitial$, newshortname$ and newinternetaddress$, the asterisk (*) should be equal to the default of "no change". However, even if you pass an asterisk for all other arguments, the error might still occur.


The problem seems to stem from the (well documented) fact, that username$ and newfullname$ are expected to be hierarchical names. More often than not, web users with no Notes ID do not have hierarchical names, though.

From my own testing I found, that the method works just fine with flat names, if you also provide actual values (other than the asterisk) for all other parameters (except newinternetaddress$). So, in case of non-hierarchical user names, the full signature of this method should actually read like:

noteID$ = notesAdministrationProcess.RenameWebUser(username$, newfullname$, newlastname$, newfirstname$, newmiddleinitial$, newshortname$ [, newinternetaddress])

newfirstname$, newmiddleinitial$ and newshortname$ might be empty strings, if appropriate, but must neither be omitted, nor "*".

harkpabst_meliantrop on 03/14/2013 08:19 AM

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