Created by Jake Howlett on 05/12/2004. Modified: 12/05/2004 14:20


Lotus Notes Exception - Error validating user's agent execution access


Usually encountered when dealing with Web Query Open/Save agents.


Usually occurs because the ID that is being used to run the Agent or the ID last used to sign it is not listed in the Domino Direcotry (NAB) and being allowed to run Agents.

Jake on 12/05/2004 14:20

because the ID is changed name.The new ID username isn't in ECL.So you must sign the database with the new ID.

chencz on 12/09/2004 20:51

I wanted to run an agent and received this error. I added the "default" user to the access control list of the agent, and stop getting that error (now I got another error, but that's another war LOL)

Dani on 04/21/2005 09:16

The agent is a level 2 agent and only 1 is allowed.

kris on 06/28/2005 02:31

the user doesnt have permission to run that agent (methods and operations).

The rights are domino/configuration/current server document/security/"run unrestricted methods and operations"

anonymous on 07/14/2005 06:04

Error validating user's agent execution access

Cuong on 04/12/2006 02:28 AM

I would like to know the solution for the above error, soon!

Thanks & Regards

Raviraj on 05/26/2006 06:12 AM

Please tell me ASAP the solution to this problem i am frequently getting the error--error validating execution access and my server gets hang after it.

jigar padhiar on 07/12/2006 07:03 AM

Open the database then View the agents and click on the sign button for each agent.

jpbdat on 11/04/2006 06:40 AM

"Error validating user's agent execution access" can be: user IS NOT in the Access Server field ou IS at the Not Access Server field, in Server Document / Security / Server Access section.

Felipe Machado Cardoso on 11/06/2006 10:12 AM

U need to add your user name at the following location in your domino administrator: configuration/current server document/security: run unrestricted methods and operations

Ranjani on 03/12/2007 04:27 AM

Yes go to the Agent and Disable or sign it under your username we had the same issue causing our server to restart. Took me a week to find that it was this agent that somone created...

John on 12/26/2007 10:49 PM


SURESH on 07/24/2010 07:18 AM

yes the signing of Agents worked, it happened to me while viewing it, because the Agent is still signed by the previous Admins. Thanks Folks!!

Alvin PH on 10/07/2010 09:35 AM

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