Created by fabtagas on 05/03/2007. Modified: 05/03/2007 02:53 AM


Error 720: LS:DO- ODBC could not complete the requested operation.


the error intervenes at the time of the “con.connectTo (my Source)” ; my Source exists


Put it in your code:

On Error Goto ErrorMessage


Exit Sub


If con.GetError <> DBstsSuccess Then

Messagebox con.GetErrorMessage + Chr(13) + con.GetExtendedErrorMessage,, "NÃO conseguiu CONECTAR ao banco de dados"

Exit Sub

End If

If result.GetError <> DBstsSUCCESS Then

Messagebox result.GetErrorMessage + Chr(13) + result.GetExtendedErrorMessage,, "NÃO conseguiu PESQUISAR no banco de dados"

Exit Sub

End If

Exit Sub

Fabio on 11/22/2007 04:10 PM

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