Created by Jake Howlett on 05/12/2004. Modified: 12/05/2004 14:23


Lotus Notes Exception - Entry Not Found in Index


Usually @DBlookup related.


Your @DBLookup may have failed as the entry you looked for is not in the first sorted column of the view. To avoid this assign your lookup to a variable and then use @IsError to check whether a value is returned.

In Domino 6 you can include the [FailSilent] argument to avoid dblookup errors.

Jake on 12/05/2004 14:24

Could be if you have a URL that accesses a document via a key. If that document is removed you will see this message instead of "document has been deleted".

Jake on 05/12/2004 09:43

i am getting this error

"Field : "address" : Entry not found in index or View , index not built"

i have try all kind og suggest like


temo = @DbLookup("":""; "":"Vikas.nsf"; "LUCA" ; company11 ; 3 ) ;

@If( @IsError( temp ); "ree"; temp )

help me what should i do.

avadh kumar on 01/20/2005 03:27

Dblookup errer

Entry Not Found in Index

avadh on 01/20/2005 23:02

Sometimes it's possible that you find this kind of error when you use a webquerysave agent and within it you use some wrong field name or view name. So, the solution, in this case, is to try to remove the agent to the webquerysave event and verify that the form has been proceeded. If it so, the problem is in your Lotus agent.




emoj on 08/08/2005 07:38 AM

You will get this error if you use a WebQueryOpen agent and the agent does not exist in the database (or in named incorrectly).



Jonathon on 11/09/2005 08:14 AM

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