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HTTP Web Server: Item not found exception


Normally seen when you open a form in the browser.


Usually encounterend when you add an <input> element to a form as Pass-thru HTML and there's no corresponding Notes field of the same name. All text input elements must have the equivalent Notes field!

Jake on 12/05/2004 13:57

I've experienced that the error appears when you try to save a document that have the input tag as pass-trhu and don't have the corresponding notes field.

I've fixed, changing the method used by the form to sned data to Domino.


Alex Hernandez on 05/12/2004 17:46

Ref. to the BPG 5.0,

The process described above involves two round trips from the browser to the server. If the redirection URL references a database on the same Domino server, you can avoid the extra trip back to the server (and therefore improve response time) by using double brackets "[[ ]]" around the URL. The server recognizes this as an internal redirection URL and the transaction sequence becomes:

1. The browser submits the HTML form to the Domino server.

2. The server evaluates the $$Return formula or runs the WebQuerySave agent to produce an internal redirection URL -- for example, "[[mydb.nsf/view?OpenView]]".

3. The server recognizes the URL as an internal redirection URL, evaluates the request, and sends the results of that request back to the browser.

But, after implementing the same i started getting the `HTTP Web Server: Item Not Found Exception` even though i had the physical field on the form...

I've used the url redirection in the webquerysave using the "[[db.nsf/returnmsg?openform&Saved succ... ]]"


Shab S on 01/05/2005 23:12

Hello Shab,

A few months ago i've had problem using the double brackets with R5.0.13. But the error message wasn't that. The cause was a Domino's buffer overflow.

Cesar Ramires on 01/22/2005 17:28

I'm getting this error when adding GET data to some INPUT elements. If you add the data by hand it works fine, but pass through some data and it gives you this error.

Stretch on 03/17/2006 07:38 AM

Was getting the same error on a pdf value in the field. Shortened the name of the pdf doc and it worked.

kevin lenamond on 06/28/2006 01:10 PM

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