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Notes error: Network operation did not complete in a reasonable amount of time; please retry


A scheduled agent, or web agent fails to complete an operation.


Although this can also be caused by network problems, this has been seen in a number of other situations which can be down to configuration problems with servers, or missing dll files.

The following solution, recommended to my company by Lotus, involved changing a parameter in the notes.ini which deals with preventing server overload with other servers connecting to a Domino server - this did appear to solve the problem.

Syntax: Server_MaxSessions=number of sessions

Description: Specifies the maximum number of sessions that can run concurrently on the server. To prevent server overload, decrease this number if you set up multiple Replicators or Routers.

Applies to: Servers

Default: None

UI equivalent: None, although you can specify this setting in the NOTES.INI Settings tab of the Configuration Settings document in the Domino Directory.

Another recognised fault is that the directory assistance db has not been replicated to all servers in a network.

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