Created by vishwas Montadka on 03/17/2006. Modified: 03/17/2006 03:30 AM


you cannot use the administation program while the domino server is running. Either shut down the domino server (but keep the file server running) or choose the icon labeled ' Lotus notes' instead.


Please get back the solution as soon as possible.


There could be a notes session running in the citrix platform. Definitely another copy of notes session is being used somewhere. Once u can identify and terminate, it should be alright then.

sharon on 06/01/2006 03:47 AM

Give the user access rights (read/write or full) to the Lotus program directory. When Lotus opens, it writes to some files in that directory tree. Without write access the user can't open Notes. on 05/14/2007 03:43 PM

We've seen this in the Citrix situation as well, but also when backups were being conducted during the day on a user's home directory where the Notes\Data directory resides.

Irv Schor on 03/04/2010 06:57 AM

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