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An error was encountered while opening a window


We have the following problem:

1. We had to migrate our Citrix Terminal server farm to x64 due to memory usage (try running Outlook 2007 AND Notes 7.03 for more than 30 users). After the migration we could easily run 200 Notes 7.03 users on one 2CPU dual core server BUT Notes 7.03 started failing on startup in seamless, though Published Desktop works OK.

2. Then we decided to try Notes 8.0 Basic (when Notes.exe is run with the -sa parameter this should work according to IBM). When the users start Notes now the second user gets the error message: An error was encountered while opening a window. First user works great.

Notes is installed according to IBMs recommendations in the 'Steps for installing Lotus Notes 8 on a Citrix Presentation Server' technote with shared template directory.

Have anyone else out there managed to get this working?

What is a little funny is that if I run the two first sessions like this both users get to start Notes:

User 1: "G:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\nlnotes.exe" -sa =H:\notes\data\Notes.ini
-> User starts with Notes.ini from H:\Notes\Data

User 2: "G:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\nlnotes.exe" -sa =W:\notes\data\Notes.ini
-> User starts with Notes.ini from W:\Notes\Data, where W: has an exact copy of the uses H:\Notes\Data (Notes.ini contains Directory=W:\Notes\Data for the second session).

If any other user starts from H:\Notes\Data or W:\Notes\Data after the two first, they will get the error message.

We have run Notes 5,6,6.5 and 7 like this for years.


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