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Lotus Notes pops-up the following error whenever it checks

for email on the server or replicates something.

> nlnotes.exe

> Assert in LSP

> g_socket_data.Lookup(s) == 0

> capture\lsp\nolsp\wsp_patches.cpp:1381

> Abort | Retry | Ignore

I have to click Abort each time and it's getting extremely annoying.

Manish on 03/08/2007 02:29 AM

Elsewhere on this site there is a suggestion that it is an incompatibility with Google Desktop. Try removing or reinstalling.

Craig on 03/12/2007 06:39 AM

Porqué me sale la notra de error

José on 03/20/2007 08:37 AM

I need solution cuz m facing the problem (Assert in LSP) everytime i start internet explorer

amardeep singh on 12/04/2008 07:25 AM

this is annoying

lupe on 05/05/2009 06:32 PM

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