Created by Jake Howlett on 05/12/2004. Modified: 12/05/2004 14:43; 12/05/2004 14:41


HTTP Web Server: Illegal Arguments Exception


Another that is usually URL based.


Sometimes seen if you try to open a document based on a key and the view you use doesn't contain the right sorted columns to find it. e.g.


"view" must have the first column sorted by the key value.

Jake on 12/05/2004 14:42

This error appears when we select Read Public Documents and Write Public Documents options for Default Access in the ACL.

To avoid this erros deselect them.

Denis Karnam on 05/13/2004 07:42

This one also occurs when you are referencing a document using the "/0/" view and document UNID, but don't have a default view set.

Esther Strom on 05/13/2004 07:43

As an addition to Jake's error cause description, this error can of course also of course if you try to access a view on the web that is not accessible by the currently active user.

Ferdy Christant on 06/03/2004 01:04 AM

You might also get this error on "?logout" when the "Maximum cached users" in the server document (under Internet Protocols -> Domino Web Engine) is set to 0. This is fixed in 6.5.1. See:


Sanne Boshuizen on 09/16/2004 04:08

HTTP Web Server: Illegal Arguments Exception

tan chin tiau on 04/19/2006 10:49 PM

1. Ensure first column in view is sorted and other views cannot be sorted in the client by clicking the column headers

2. Change view refresh options to automatic

Jonathan Philp on 09/27/2012 02:26 PM

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