Thu 11 Sep 2008, 03:30 AM by Jake Howlett
Woh. Five years since I changed this template. I'd assumed nobody was interested any more. Then I got an email from a wannabe user who wanted to use it with SSL so I dug out the NSF and added a fix. In doing so I found a bug in the CSS for Firefox and fixed that too. See you in another five...
Fri 11 Jul 2003, 14:30 by jake howlett

Added the first release of the Domino Blog API and the ability to have more than one author per database/blog.

See version history in the main article for more details.

Mon 16 Jun 2003, 17:23

Fixed a pretty serious bug that I can't believe I missed in the first place. When HTML is allowed in comments the comments were not saved properly. Woops.

Thu 12 Jun 2003, 12:59

For anybody who's used w.bloggar with the their template you're bound to be wondering how to add images to your blogs. Well, it's not easy. w.bloggar assumes that, like most blogging tools, you upload your images via FTP. With Domino we generally don't. You can if you want but it doesn't really fit in with the whole ethos of the nsf file being where we keep the whole site.

I'm afraid that if you want an image in your blog you are going to have to log in to the browser and upload it to a Resource document. However, I can tell you how to make life a little simpler. You can edit yourself a custom HTML tag in w.bloggar for including these resources. Here's how:

Custom Image tag

Notice the syntax of the start and end tag. You would replace the "docid" part with whatever naming convention you generally use for your resource document. Now type in the name of the file you uploading. In this case "customtags.gif". Select the text you just entered and press Ctrl + F4 or whatever combination you assigned it. You should now have the following:

<img src="rsrc/docid/$file/customtags.gif" width="" height="" />

Fill in the blanks and your image is included. You should even be able to see it in the Preview Pane of w.bloggar!

Wed 11 Jun 2003, 16:52

Already with the bug fixes. What am I like!?

Lesson learnt: When programming with dates don't assume everybody else uses the same format as you! Testing, testing, testing....

As always. See version history in the main article for more details.

Mon 9 Jun 2003, 18:49

If this works I will take back everything I've said about that Jake Howlett!

Mon 9 Jun 2003, 14:06

I know, I know. It's been almost half a year since I made a change. Hopefully it was worth the wait. There's a whole host of additions to this release. Not least of which is the DomBlog API that allows you to manage your blog using the API. There is also the addition of an RSS feed for blog stories and the ability to list your favourite blogs that you read. Hope you enjoy.

See version history in the main article for more details.