Date to parse:

In the field below you can enter either a valid Notes-style date/time OR you can enter the date in words (see below for examples):

Note: Date format of the Domino server is mm/dd/yyyy

Once you're ready use the button below to parse the date you entered and then send it to the server to see when it thinks the was/will be

About This Demo

This demo form shows how you can both enter and display date values as words.

Examples of "wordy" Dates

You can enter any of the following (and many more) in to the text box above.

Now, Yesterday, Tomorrow, July 8, Oct 12, next month, next thursday, +1 month, -3 months, -4 hours, t + 5d, t + 3m, etc etc

Try your own wordy date! You might be surprised just how capable it is of understanding you!!

More Information

For more example of using and information about the words-to-dates code please see the website.

For more information about the DateHelper LotusScript class which is running server-side please see this blog post on codestore.