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Abbie Allen/ROCKALL


Gustavo Buchanan/ROCKALL
Gustavo Crews/ROCKALL
Gustavo Currie/ROCKALL

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About This Demo

This demo is the Domino NAB Name Picker revisited. Hopefully it will make you look differently at the humble name picker widget.

Note that the field that stores the names in the document is merely a simple multi-value Names field

What's the aim? The aim of this database/code is to devise the perfect way pick names from the Domino address book via the web. The end result will be simple and easy to implement as well as fun to use and great looking. All with the minimum amount of code possible - making it lightweight and highlty portable.

How do I use this form?With a new form open or a document in edit mode click on the people icon in the box at the top. The name picker will appear (in style). Start typing a name (first then last) and watch as the list whittles down to the one you're looking for. Click the name you want and it will add it to the list. To remove from the list simply click the remove icon next to each name .

Where does this data come from? Well, for security reasons it's not names.nsf on this server. Instead it's from the ($VIMPeople) view in a pretend NAB called fakenames.nsf, which is filled with 40,000 pretend names. You can access it directly here. Where the data comes from doesn't really matter as long as the XML from ?ReadViewEntries is the same format. To configure this db you just change the location of the "address book" (and the view name if you want to).

Known Issues/ToDos

  1. Search on last/first name
  2. Move focus back to seach box after adding name
  3. Make Directory filename a config var
  4. Move all code to libs
  5. It's completely inaccessible. What about users with no JS or out-of-date browsers?
  6. Would be nice to press enter and topmost name gets added?
  7. Scroll down effect of the picker is jekry in IE unless in compliance mode.
  8. Pass focus to lookup field when picker opens
  9. Add next/previous or up/down links for names like john or smith
  10. Add drag-drop re-sorting of name list?
  11. Add remove all link for current choice
  12. Check if user already in the list before adding them
  13. Picker list scrolls off bottom of screen if icon clicked is close ot bottom.